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The design and the materials used in the architecture of Meekid Noodle Restaurants (2nd Branch) was inspired by the Industrial Style of the Industrial Revolution era dated around the early 1800s.

Industrial Style refers to structural and material designs that utilize metals, fine aged woods, bare bricks, and orange lights in order to create fierce and raw ambience under the principle of minimalistic architectural and decorative designs.




The interior design depicts on salvaged materials, structural parts of the survey vessels from the Industrial Revolution era. In order to create the rustic ambience of the restaurant, we utilize mechanical, metal, and wooden parts to accentuate the bold and raw concepts. 

The combination of “boat” or “vessel” with the Industrial Style symbolizes our boat noodle menu. However, the type of boat that specifically inspired our design was the “survey vessel” particularly from the time of Industrial Revolution, closely represented our vision of modern boat noodle that incorporates new and unique features introducing you to the new tastes of slight unfamiliarity as a form of discovery and enrichment.


Our boat noodle menu is intended to be spicy, a well-blended flavor that enhances Meekid’s own rich and savory noodle soup.

The spiciness metaphorically represents our architectural concept, which is bold and raw, overall, daring in nature. Moreover,

the composition of the ingredients in each bowl is kept to the bare minimal, without one ingredient that overpowers the others representing our minimalistic design, aiming for the right proportion within the absolute essentials.

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