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The name of the restaurant was inspired by 'Mee-Khid' an intricate-handwoven traditional fabric of the North-Eastern Thailand. The idea was first presented in another retail business “Meekid Shop” that sells local and provincial merchandise including Mee, Khid, and Mee-Khid fabrics before adapting to our family-owned noodle restaurant providing a traditional touch to our new business.

The first branch of the restaurant is located in the same area as Meekid Shop, which is one of the reasons why we found it highly suitable to call this new restaurant “Meekid” as well. 

Another reason why we chose the word ‘Meekid’ to represent our restaurants lies in the core value the local artisans.

Despite the fact that Mee-Khid silk of the North-Easterners is highly distinctive because of its texture and intricate patterns as a result of the weaving technique that combines two sophisticated fabrics of Mee and Khid together, the core value of this craft, however, is embedded in the skill, patience, and effort of the local artisans who always produce the works of great quality. 

Meekid Noodle Restaurants apply the core value of our heritage and aim to serve only the food of greatest quality and care as represented in the name of our restaurant.  

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